St Martha's Methodist Church, Tring
A small friendly Church situated at the Western edge of Tring now entirely owned and maintained by the Methodist Community. Originally built as a daughter church to St. Peter & Paul, the Parish Church in the centre of Tring, but was never completed or consecrated. The wooden structure was added about the turn of the 20th Century and a porch in the early 1960s. The C of E membership was low in the 1970s, and use of the building was offered to the Methodist Congregation.  As the original Methodist Chapel in Langdon Street was suffering from dry rot, is was decided to abandon that building, and the money from the sale of the land was put towards the cost of a new joint Anglican/Methodist Church Hall, situated to the rear of the Parish Church.  The Church is now wholly Methodist-owned, and has been since 2002, and plans have now been approved for an extension at the rear of the building to include a modern kitchen, all-access toilet and storage area. These are all badly needed to help the church meet the needs of its congregation and usefulness in the neighbourhood. These plans were finally approved, on the 23rd of April 2014, after many trials and tribulations. We shall now seek quotes for the building work to commence.